Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Private police protect *some* citizens

I've been meaning to share this article for a long time.   A private police force in California has different relationships with different members of the neighborhood.   Is this just temporary because of government cutbacks and desperate people in a hard economic time, or something we'll be seeing more of?

With Robberies Up, Oakland Neighbors Bring In Private Cops

The Slippery Slope of Western Decline

I've been meaning to start a dedicated blog on this topic for sometime, but it's clear that's not happening, so I'm just going to start talking about it here.  Hopefully this will get me making some more technical posts as well, but not alienate any of those readers.

We live in one of the most exciting times in human history.  Medical advances are nothing short of miraculous.   Wireless communication as reached perhaps even the darkest corners of the earth, and many people can get there with cheap transportation.  In places, food is wildly abundant, and if we put our minds to it every person on the planet could probably be overweight.

I also believe that all these advances are threatened by unsustainable growth, and human nature being what it is, we'll refuse to recognize the signs that we've gone too far, until it's too late.  I already believe that it's too late in the United States where we live.  We will slide back to a time like the great depression where large numbers would line up for free food?  We will slide back into a state where people commonly die of hunger?   We will slide back to a condition where the only people who can trust the police, or drive on roads, are the ones who can afford to pay for it?

I have no answers to any of these questions, but as I see the signs of this decay of era of "Western power" develop around me, I'd just like to point them out.  And maybe hear from those who agree or disagree with me along the way.