Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Iterative business

Just watched this Martin Fowler presentation.  It gets interesting around 10 minutes, so skip there is you're impatient.   I want to highlight when Jez asks why waste 2 years delivering something that will need to be changed when you can deliver it in 2 months and start iterating on it, so at the end of 2 years people actually got something they wanted. 

Thoughtworks presentation on continuous delivery

This is fascinating to me because my pal Worldnamer and I have always bounced ridiculous business ideas off each other, and then one day became fascinated by the guys at this site:

AppSumo tells how to build a business in a weekend

In a nutshell, while App Sumo is just selling videos full of potentially dubious information, they have a central tenant to their message, that is very parellel to Jez's idea.   Just get your business going.  It doesn't matter if it's a bit ghetto at first.  Don't waste time and money on bad ideas.  Find out they are bad quickly.

So it seems that an idea that many entrepreneurs have shared for a long time, is just now making it's way into enterprise software development.  This make me wonder how many more ideas can be lifted from the 'entrepenurial' world and applied to enterprise development.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Is ColdFusion dead?

Some people got to know me when I was a ColdFusion developer, or as I like to describe it, an unhappy developer.  For old times sake I decided to hit up some of the more prominent CF sites and see what this fantastic language is proffering up to its acolytes these days.   There has been a major release every year for many years EXCEPT 2011 and Adobe seems to be silent about whats coming next.  Even some of Adobe's paid pundits are pretty silent on the topic.  Could it be dead?  Let's all sneak away silently and hope so.